Wednesday, October 28, 2009

job hunt

looking for work... holla if you have any ideas! love u all!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a college grad!

Hello! I have officially finished my classes and it can be said that I'm a college graduate! Yay I'm pretty excited about it! I will be having a graduation party but not until Oct. 3rd as i will be spending the better part of Sept. in Costa Rica! A trip for my self celebrating being a college grad! Thanks to all who supported me during my 5 years as a college student! (Mainly the family and especially the folks!) THANKs EVERYONE!

Monday, June 29, 2009

WOW a diff. post was needed

Hello all! I have been long and gone from here. Ooops! haven't been very blog minded until recently. I have joined a summer class that is utilizing blogs for a class assignment so i have created another one which has me currently updating this one. The last few months have been busy but not at the same time. I have been working obvioulsy and winding down with the completion of a college degree. I will be done at the end of JULY! WHOO HOO! none the less i shall get some juicy posts on here soon...
Check out my school blog, (class one), and mine personal one,

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pics the cous and I & Soundersfc

The last night in tempe bout to go out with evan and my buddy kellens roommate. whoo hoo AZ is wild n crazy always a good time!
Sounders FC!!!! hell yeah baby! we are good simply put. I'm qutie glad i bout season tickets. Look for me on TV at home games, I'm two for two so far!
These pics are from Game 2

These are pics from game 1!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

wow how i have neglected to blog or what....

Hello friends and family! it has once again been too long since i have posted anything here. To be completely honest i am not too sure as to why i haven't posted naything. The fact that i have a new camera to myself and 250 pics on it and i still haven't posted anything....? I guess i have just been lazy and busy at the same time. Or maybe i have been lacking my creative side due to school and work. Or maybe it is becasue i have been doing the facebook thing more often thatn not. Well whatever but i am going to try and make a come back here.
I have recently been just hanging out and doing the school thing and work thing. The same old routine which is killing me inside. I am getting quite tired of losing my nights to school and work 7 days a week. It really has been taking a toll on me without me even knowing it. None the less i'm getting pretty sick and tired of it. But i am on spring break currently and enjoying a quite a bit. I get to do the things around the house that i find the excuse not to do when i'm in school. I have already done half of my spring cleaning and its only been spring for less than a week.
What is really exciting to me lately is that i can finally start to feel that i'm near the end of my college career(for now....). I have 5 classes left to take then i have fulfilled my credits to obtain a bachelors degree in interdiciplinary studies with a minor in general business. I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm also very excited these days over the new sounders fc mls team! I attended the inaugural game this past week and i had an amazing time! It is all that the i thought it would be. I love the worlds beautiful game and i'm glad it has landed in seattle. It is the only season tickets i can kinda afford(thx student loan) for the next 3 seasons until the prices will go up. I have been really interested lately in traveluing and getting out of the country to see the world. I have 3 close friends who are doing so as we speak and i have been able to catch up with them via facebook and i really am excited for them and it makes me want to experience what they are doing currently. I am and have been planning on going to europe this summer and i have narowed it down to go in the month of september and october. I have heard good things about going that time of year. I really want to go and see as many places as i can to really get a sence of the history that littered through out the continent there. I am going to take a geography class on europe and russia thsi spring quarter so i will be an expert on where to go and not to go. I plan on going with my freind drew who has been before but when he was younger. We both want to go and experience the freedoms of travel and do what we want to do when we want to do it. It is a very exciting trip to look forward to. the onyl way i'm able to finace it is through the remaining dollars of my student loan which i feel is the best way to spend it.

In less than 6 hours i will be on a plane to tempe az to go stay with kellen loveless for a couple of days before i have to be back at work. I'm going strictly for relaxation and to get some vitmin d in my system. I will try and see my family and friends there but i'm not sure if i will make it happen due to transportation issues. But i will see what i can do. I just really want to lay by kellens sweet ass pool he has at his apartment complex and get lost in a book. I plan to read a book by jimmy buffet. It seems like a perfect book to read to just get away with and dream about living on an island in the carribean. (at least i hope that is what this book will be about...)

I'm currently fighting myself to get the motivation to go the gym multiple times a week. I regained membership in feb and have been probably only 5 times. I have the hardest time trying to start a new routine in life. It is one of the hardest things for me to do and i have been struggling with it for sometime now. I want many things to change in life but i'm not able to fulfill the desitres yet. I have a lack of drive and it is hard to pin point why i can meet my own presonal demands that i have running through out my mind from time to time. I really want to lose some weight and get into decent shape so i can play soccer again. I want to play outdoor soccer and beable to play without getting so damn winded. I have missed playing and scoring goals so much. I also want to start to eat healthy but it is so hard. i guess laziness is my problem these days. But in time i will be able to conquer these feats i feel. I really think after college i can hopefully get a job where i don't have to work nights so i can mixed up my lifestyle and do the things i want to do.
I have also been thinking about how i don't do enough for the community at large and i feel it is necessary for myself to give back to the commmunity becasue i subconsiously take this life for granted and don't open my eyes to how many people in this world dont' have a fraction of what i have. I mean i have the best family and friends anyone in this world could ask for. I have experiecned in school this past quarter that people need help through out our community and with the help of a few classmates, i want to start and give necessities to folks who live at a tent city or to homeless in seattle. there are give or take 8000 homeless people ranging from adults to women and children with only 2300 shelter beds offered. i want to help these people but in the end i just put helping aside and stay selffish. I will sooner than later act on this. I think i want to pass flyers out around my neighborhood and gain items that i can take to these people in need personnaly. This is my idea so far. I dunno jsut giving you all my thoughts.

Well i jsut typed and tryped and typed what was on my mind. Miss u all and i will be back to post pictures and pictures and more pictures! love you all night now!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Stella the new kitty!

Here she is! I was totally against haning a pet and still am kinda but this felion is pretty damn cute! alroght she has terrible gas and stinks! but o well i never have to clean up after it cause its not mine! yes happy holidays everyone!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

oh geez!

oh man so i haven't posted in forever! ah! its cause i have been busy with work and school liek no bodies business! so i'm here to say that there will be posts up soon (when the quarters projects and papers are due next week!) So the only thingnew to the house is wes getting a damn kitten ! pics shortly. hoep all is well with everyone! take care